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you make such amazing, and high quality, accurate ps1 models, why make so little if that's okay to ask? I'd love to see packs and more stuff from you in the ps1 style, as long as you have time of course, I hope all is well, thanks again for making amazing assets 


Thank you very much for the compliment and the kind wishes :). Of course it's ok to ask, always. I am not a professional artist, so I do these just for fun as a hobby, when I have time and I'm in the mood for it. I'd love to do 3D modelling more often, and have some free time now, so if there's something specific you'd like to see or need for a project- please reach out and inspire me.

another thing to add is, you're very kind. but if you're not a professional artist, then I fear what you being a professional artist would look like. as you're already better then 99% of people who make psx models, and they even charge money for them. and it shows that it's a hobby, as it really seems like it has a lot of passion behind it. and when there is  passion, there is often high quality in ways you wouldn't expect. and I have a few ideas to suggest, if it's okay to ask, do you have discord? thank you again for being so kind, and I hope all is well, and that you're doing great always 


Sure, my discord username is mlad.bumer.

sent, thank you again

Isso é asset?


I'll use a modified version of this radio on my upcoming game. Thank you for your time and I'll give you the appropiate credits.


Thanks! Nice avatar, love System Shock :). Will check out your game.